3DS Minnow Series
HBS-Holographic Black Silver, HBST-Holographic Brown Sea Trout, HGST-Holographic Green Sea Trout, HGBL-Holographic Gold/Black, BHPL-Holographic Bleeding Clear Minnow, HTS-Holographic Tenn Shad, HHAY-Holographic Green/Silver, HHPB-Holographic Pearl Blue, HHWS-Holographic Ayu


HIW-Holographic Sardine, HPBK-Holographic Peanut Bunker, LSAC-Luminescent Aurora Chartreuse,
MAY-Green Silver


Catalog Number Type Size Weight
F962 Suspending 2 3/4" 1/4 oz.


One of the all-time guide favorite lures in both fresh and saltwater for a plethora of species; Bass, Trout and Panfish as well as Snook, Redfish and Seatrout. The 3DS Minnow™ has the magic action perfected over years of on the water catching. It suspends and is “bite” size but gives off a bigger reflection, from the patented 3D prism finish, than its actual size. It has caught more big Snook than most other hard bait lures on the market.  With many colors and Ultra Violet patterns to choose from, the 3DS Minnow has you covered.

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