Rattl'n Vibe
GSPB-Ghost Pearl Blue, GSCL-Ghost Chartreuse, PS-Pumpkin Seed, GB-Gold/Black, GSGL-Ghost Bluegill, RC-Red Crawfish, GT-Green Chrome, BT-Blue Chrome, GBO-Gold Back/Orange Belly, MBSH-Metallic Bleeding Shad, GSPS-Ghost Shad, HT-Hot Tiger, CSBL-Black/Silver, GSAY-Ghost, BS-Bass


-Holographic Ghost Pearl


Catalog Number Type Size Weight
F1019 Lipless 2 1/2" 5/8 oz.


Ten internal steel balls result in outstanding casting distance and also rattle and vibrate on the retrieve. Large holographic eyes and a detailed etched "skin" give the Rattl'n Vibe™ an incredibly lifelike appearance. The bait's perfect balance allows it to be jigged vertically (with a sink rate of 1' per second) without falling to either side. The Rattl'n Vibe™ will dive to a depth of 20 feet and is very effective worked with a stop-go or steady retrieve. This is the "go to" lure for the pros when they are trying to locate fish, are having a hard time getting a bite or have found schooling bass in open water or on the points in the fall. It can be vertical jigged, ripped through weeds, burned over the top of grass or just cast and retrieved.  The fish will let you know how they want it, but you can be sure that the original Rattln’ Vibe™ is the bait they want!

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