Sashimi Metallic Bull
CCBH-Metallic Ballyhoo, CCMT-Metallic Mullet, CCBK-Metallic Bunker, CCDR-Metallic Dorado, CCFF-Metallic Flying Fish CCGB-Metallic Gold Black, CCGE-Metallic Goggle-eye, CCIW-Metallic Sardine CCM-Metallic Mackerel, CCRH-Metallic Red Head, CCYT-Metallic Yellowfin Tuna


Catalog Number Type Size Weight
F989 Floating 5 7/8" 2 1/2 oz.
F1055 Floating 8" 4 5/8 oz.


The Sashimi Bull™ Metallic has proven it’s worth around the globe in a short time; catching record Tuna from the US to Central America.  Big Tuna are not the only species fond of the Sashimi Bull; Stripers, Blues, Kingfish, Musky, Dorado and Sharks have been taken on this double patented lure.

The Sashimi Wave Motion Technology and Sashimi Color Change Technology make up the two International Patents. 

Offered in eleven unique and realistic color patterns incorporated with the Yo-Zuri External Sound System, through-wire construction and a super strong Power Body, there simply is not a better quality or more effective big game top water popper, period!

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