Bass Lures by Yo-Zuri America – Bass Fishing Lures at Their Finest

Bass Lures by Yo-Zuri America – Bass Fishing Lures at Their Finest

Yo-Zuri Bass Fishing Lures:

While there is an overabundance of bass lures on the market today, there are few companies whose bass lures standout over the decades. Their fish catching abilities have stood the test of time due to their innovative designs and quality of the components that make up these bass fishing lures. These are the ones that the Pros rely upon each year to make a living and Yo-Zuri has lead the pack for over 50 years.

The latest from the leader in Japanese fishing tackle technology, especially bass fishing lures, is their double patented Sashimi bass lures. The first patent is Yo-Zuri's highly innovative and creative designs featuring the only bass fishing lures in the world to change color depending on the point of view. The second patent is the “ribs” on the body of the bass lure that sends multiple vibrations into the water which fish sense with their lateral line. This encourages the fish to come in for a closer look, which turns lookers into biters. There are over a dozen styles in this series which covers all areas of the water column from topwater all the way to deep water zones that bass seek especially during the hot summer months when oxygen is at its lowest level in the shallows.

Sashimi Popper and Sashimi Pencil Bass Lures

sashimi Popper Bass Lure
sashimi Pencil Bass Lure

Everyone loves topwater fishing due to heart stopping strikes that bass provide when attacking a surface bass lure. The Sashimi series offers 4 bass fishing lures in 2 styles that are deadly for topwater feeding fish. They are the traditional popper and the active “walk-the-dog” Pencil. Both of these styles are appropriate for this type of fishing, yet are totally different from each other. The Popper, offered in two sizes, can be worked with the “Pop & Stop” technique or a more aggressive “Pop & Go” method for actively feeding fish. The Sashimi Pencil is an oval shaped bass fishing lure that sits high on the meniscus of water, which is the surface tension where air meets water. This gives the Sashimi Pencil the ability to “Walk” across the water in back & forth motions looking like an injured baitfish. This bass fishing lure also comes in two sizes and a variety of patterns and colors. 

Sashimi Minnow Bass Lures

sashimi Minnow Bass Lure

Moving down into the water column the Sashimi Minnow, which comes in two sizes, is a floating bass lure with an elongated slender body shape that perfectly imitates most baitfish bass feed upon. This bass lure can be trolled or cast and is very effective as a twitch bait close to cover that bass seek. Some of the different areas to fish with the Sashimi Minnow are around lily pads, stick-ups, docks or along weed beds. One of the deadliest methods is to cast the bass fishing lure out and let the ripples dissipate. Once they disappear, give a supple jerk with your rod tip to “twitch” the lure in place. When fished in proper areas color change excels and this technique is very productive.

Sashimi Jerkbait Bass Lures

sashimi Jerkbait Bass Lure

As we go deeper into the water column the Sashimi Jerkbait (2 sizes), Sashimi Shad & Sashimi Jointed Swimbait are a suspending bass fishing lure that attracts bass all season long but being particularly effective during the spring and fall when water temperature is a little colder, say between 66 degrees and 72 degrees. Now that does not mean bass will not bite the bass lure when it is warmer or colder but the above temperatures are optimal. An added attraction, the feathered tail hook, on the Sashimi Jerkbait & Sashimi Shad, acts as the tailfin of the baitfish, which bass find irresistible.

Sashimi Crankbait Bass Lures

sashimi Shallow Crank Bass Lure
sashimi Mid Crank Bass Lure
sashimi Deep Crank Bass Lure
sashimi Flat Crank Bass Lure

The Sashimi series has 4 different Crankbaits in the line for every imaginable situation and depth zone where bass exist and feed. They are the Sashimi Shallow Crank, Mid-Crank, Deep Crank and Flat Crank which all have the Sashimi color change feature as well as the ribbed body. They each are designed to target a specific depth zone while the Flat crank has a “coffin” lip design to bounce off of any structure on the bottom without getting snagged, even on vertical tree limbs. Crankbaits are one of the most versatile bass flures an angler can use in any water depths or clarity.

Sashimi Rattln' Vibe Bass Lures

sashimi Rattln'Vibe

The best bass fishing lure an angler can use when fishing new lakes to find fish is the Sashimi Rattln’ Vibe. This search bait is lipless and has many BB’s inside in several chambers that emit sound like that of a dying shad. This sound attracts bass for an aggressive reaction strike. It is equally productive when you use it around rocks, burn it over weed beds or even vertical jig it. The Sashimi Rattln' Vibe is an all season long bass fishing lure that just catches fish.


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