It’s Time to go Drop-Shotting! By Martha Goodfellow

June 7th ,2019

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since my friend taught me how to drop-shot. Lessons started in his garage, over his boat. A lot of plastics and hooks, but only one line to choose. He shared his favorite choice of line to use for drop-shotting. It is the only line I’ll use on my drop-shot. I am speaking of Yo-Zuri Hybrid Line.

I am amazed at how well the Hybrid Line works. When you look at how it is made, you can better understand the qualities that give the line its strength and sensitivity, both important for fishing. “Yo-Zuri’s Hybrid Line is a co-polymer consisting of fluorocarbon and nylon making it abrasion resistant and has the sensitivity of fluorocarbon and the flexibility and stretch of nylon.”

For choosing which pound test to use for drop-shotting, I fish with eight pound test Yo-Zuri Hybrid Line. In our area of South Carolina, we have some pretty clear lakes and the eight pound test works great. As for being able to land big fish, my friend and teacher, caught a nice eight pound bass, on eight pound test Yo-Zuri Hybrid Line. Yes, the line works!

Drop-Shotting is one of my favorite techniques for catching bass. I love seeing a school of bass on my electronics and dropping my bait down below the school, watching the bass chase the bait down, and then hooking up.

The Drop-Shot works well on clearer bodies of water. As for time of year, summer and winter, when the bass are suspended in deeper water, often relating to schools of baitfish are great for the drop-shot.

Where to start looking for that school of bass. Check out creek channel swings and big, long, tapering points that run way out to the channel. If you have baitfish in the area, you are in the right spot.


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