The Yo-Zuri 3DB Minnow is a floating lure that is made with “Flat Sides” that make this lure very responsive to the action of your rod tip. It is designed for a variety of fishing styles; stop-and-go retrieve, topwater “twitching” technique or cast & retrieve. Its Patented Internal 3D Prism Finish or New Painted Finish and Wave Motion Technology attract fish with flash and vibrations sent throughout the water column.


  • Internationally Patented Internal 3D Prism Finish And New Painted Finish
  • Wave Motion Technology
  • Round Bend Black Nickel Hooks
  • Multiple Fishing Methods: Cast And Retrieve, Twitching Or Trolling
  • Flat Sided For Better Darting Action
  • Traditional Minnow Shape


  • Prism Ayu

  • Pearl Chartreuse Lime

  • Prism Clown

  • Prism Fire Tiger

  • Prism Gold Black

  • Prism Ghost Shad

  • Prism Perch

  • Prism Silver Blue

  • Prism Silver Black

  • Prism Shad

  • Prism Sexy Shad

  • Prism Tennessee Shad

  • Black Back Chartreuse

  • Gold Black

  • Hot Tiger

  • Bluegill

  • Silver Black

  • Sexy Shad

Project Specs

IDTypeLength (in)Length (mm)Weight (oz)Weight (g)

Diving / Action

IDAction TypeDiving Depth (ft)Diving Depth (m)
R1102 Rolling / Twitching1-20.5-0.7