A top-of-the-line clear fluorcarbon material that provides a degree of invisibility matched by none in the industry. Our exclusive H.D. Carbon formula maximizes the advantages of the natural properties of fluorocarbon which have nearly the same light refraction index as water. This property is what gives our orignal blend of flurorcarbon the ability to disappear in the water.

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  • 100% Fluorocarbon leader material
  • Proprietary formula extruded in our own private factory
  • Superior abrasion resistance and overall strength
  • Low light refraction index

Project Specs

IDLength (yd)Diameter (in)Diameter (mm)Strength (lbs)
HD 8LB CL300.0100.2538
HD 10LB CL300.0110.27510
HD 12LB CL300.0120.29712
HD 15LB CL300.0130.33115
HD 20LB CL300.0150.38020
HD 25LB CL300.0180.45725
HD 30LB CL300.0190.48830
HD 40LB CL300.0240.60240
HD 50LB CL300.0250.64550
HD 60LB CL300.0290.74760
HD 80LB CL300.0330.84780
HD 100LB CL300.0380.953100
HD 130LB CL300.0431.087130
HD 150LB CL300.0481.215150
HD 200LB CL300.0611.545200
HD 20LB CL 100YD1000.0150.38020
HD 25LB CL 100YD1000.0180.46125
HD 30LB CL 100YD1000.0200.51030
HD 40LB CL 100YD1000.0240.62440
HD 50LB CL 100YD1000.0280.72250
HD 60LB CL 100YD1000.0300.75760
HD 80LB CL 100YD1000.0340.87680