Yo-Zuri’s Hybrid Line is the first and only fishing line that molecularly bonds nylon and fluorocarbon during extrusion. Hybird’s extrusion process creates a true molecular blend of the two materials that is 100% waterproof with the abrasion resistance and sensitivity of flourocarbon but incorpoarting the flexability and stretch of nylon.

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  • Co-polymer consisting of fluorocarbon and nylon
  • Molecularly bonded during an exclusive extrusion process
  • Abrasion resistance, UV resistance
  • 100% waterproof
  • Available in 600 and 275 yd. spools
  • Low memory

Project Specs

IDLength (yd)Diameter (in)Diameter (mm)Strength (lbs)
HB 6LB CL 600YD 6000.0100.2636
HB 8LB CL 600YD 6000.0110.2838
HB 10LB CL 600YD6000.0120.30810
HB 12LB CL 600YD6000.0130.33812
HB 15LB CL 600YD6000.0160.40515
HB 20LB CL 600YD6000.0170.43820
HB 25LB CL 600YD6000.0230.57325
HB 30LB CL 600YD6000.0240.62030
HB 40LB CL 600YD6000.0190.47540