The world renowned trolling skirt is back! Yo-Zuri Octopus Skirts have made their comeback and are taking the market by storm. Trolling skirts are one of, if not the most widely used fishing lure on earth. The Yo-Zuri Octopus Skirts are made from a proprietary vinyl material that is particularly soft, yet extremely strong. Available in 25 color patterns and finishes, ranging from Salmon Pink, Glow and Aurora Black to the offshore favorites like Blue/White and Red/Black. Pick up a Yo-Zuri Octopus Skirt to see and feel the difference today!!!


  • Comes In A Pack Of 2
  • Tough And Durable Proprietary Vinyl Material
  • Large Vinyl Eyes
  • Glowing Eyes
  • 25 Colors Patterns


  • 362A

  • 337A

  • 287A

  • 255A

  • 251A

  • 250A

  • 238A

  • 218A

  • 166A

  • 134A

  • 121A

  • 017A

  • 024A

  • 015A

  • 005A

  • 236A

  • 234A

  • 060A

  • 114A

  • 308A

  • 401A

  • 392A

  • 391A

  • 389A

  • 376A

Project Specs

IDTypeLength (in)Length (mm)