Yo-Zuri’s Pins Minnows Series™ has been a top seller worldwide for over 2 decades!! The Pin’s Minnow floating lures series is offered in a variety of natural colors and patterns to tempt game fish worldwide. They incorporate a durable polycarbonate lip to get down over the structure and in the strike zone. Use this lure when fish are up feeding in the shallows in the spring and fall, morning or evenings. Made with Yo-Zuri’s Weight Transfer System, these extremely versatile baits cast very well for their size. They are perfectly suited for stream and lake fishing. The Pin’s Minnow Series can be cast or trolled producing a tight wiggling action that attracts a wide variety of gamefish to strike.


  • State Of The Art Holographic Foil Finish
  • Weight Transfer System (2-3/4", 3-1/2")
  • Durable Molded Body
  • Stainless Steel Split Rings
  • Extremely Sharp Trebles For Quick Penetration
  • Great Multispecies Bait For Fresh And Saltwater


  • Gold Frame

  • Baby Bass

  • Rainbow Trout

  • Baby Brook

  • Purple

  • Green Gold

  • Silver Blue

  • Muddler Minnow

  • Natural Rainbow Trout

  • Red Head

  • Brook Trout

  • Hot Pink Trout

  • Glass Minnow

  • Yellow Perch

  • Silver Black

  • Brown Trout

  • Gold Black

  • Chartreuse

  • Sardine

  • Holographic Silver Minnow

  • Purple Rainbow Trout


Project Specs

IDTypeLength (in)Length (mm)Weight (oz)Weight (g)

Diving / Action

IDAction TypeDiving Depth (ft)Diving Depth (m)
F1161Tight Wiggle1-20.3-0.6
F1162Tight Wiggle1-20.3-0.6
F1163Tight Wiggle1-20.3-0.6