TheYo-Zuri Sashimi Bull is a long-casting popper that is designed for stress-free popping. Patented Sashimi Color-Change Technology makes these outstanding poppers realistic in every way. The patented Wave Motion Technology generates a strong turbulent water flow that fish sense with their lateral line. They come equipped with the external Yo-Zuri Sound System; this chamber amplifies the rattle sound that attracts fish. The Sashimi is equipped with sharper, stronger and more corrosion-resistant super tin treble hooks and through-wire construction for strong holding power.


  • Internationally patented wave motion and color change technology
  • Through-wire construction
  • Durable Yo-Zuri power body
  • External Yo-Zuri sound chamber
  • 3X strong trebles


  • Metallic Ballyhoo

  • Metallic Bunker

  • Metallic Dorado

  • Metallic Flying Fish

  • Metallic Gold Black

  • Metallic Goggle-eye

  • Metallic Sardine

  • Metallic Mackerel

  • Metallic Mullet

  • Metallic Red Head

  • Metallic Yellowfin Tuna

Project Specs

IDTypeLength (in)Length (mm)Weight (oz)Weight (g)