Max La Gaipa

Canada Pro Staff

Max LaGaipa born and raised in Montreal, QC Canada. I was hooked on fishing at a very young age – fishing in salt water in Cape Cod to fresh water throughout North America. Eventually, my passion for fishing drew me to became a competitor tournament angler. I fished in a few local trails in Quebec, Ontario and even New York. In 2010, I won my biggest event in the proBass Canada classic and until today, I still hold the largest registered winning bag of monster smallmouth on the St. Lawrence river weighing in 28.05lbs.

In my spare time, when winter sets in and I can no longer fish, I keep myself busy with painting custom painting fishing baits and try to match the hatch in all body of waters that I’ve fished in. This has become a hobby of mine for the last few years. I also have my own web site,, where my baits are displayed. I do have a weakness as I’m very reluctant to fish or sell the baits I personally paint. I guess I’m what people call a fishing junkie addict.

I’ve joined the Yo-zuri team since 2016 and since then, I only fish with a Yo-zuri bait. I’ve fished with many hard baits, but when I take Yo-zuri bait out of a box and I don’t have to tune it, that when you know that their slogan ‘Fish the Best’ runs true.