Ryan Salzman

Major League Fishing Big 5 Pro.

When I graduated from college I immediately began spending as much time as possible on all the North Alabama Lakes to start my guide service. I have been working hard for you learning every detail possible on these North Alabama Lakes! I have had to balance military with guiding and it has been a challenge. I had an extremely successful year guiding as Salzy's Guide Service with all my clients placing in the top ten in tournaments after a guide trip with Salzy. Alabama Bass Guide is the new face of Salzy Bass Fishing. I want to offer more than my guide service. I want to provide all of you with the most up to date fishing information that is available! Ranging from bass reports, new patterns, new baits, new spots, locations, how to get sponsors, and everything you need to work your way up to the pro level. Notice I say "WORK." Its not easy ladies and gentlemen, but is anything worth having is ever easy? I live to work for you guys. The great news is that I am still climbing that ladder. Let me tell you whats worked and my mistakes, so that you don't have to make the same ones. Get a great game plan going for you as an angler. Each angler is different, so why should each angler have the same game plan!