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Trout lures have been around for centuries. Once, trout fishing was even a sport which only royalty could enjoy. Over time, however, it has evolved into a sport that is experienced by everyday people worldwide, even children. During this time trout lures have evolved into elaborate designs made from the simplest materials up to the most advanced space aged materials available today.

In the early days most of the trout fishing lures were made from natural fibers harvested from local animals, both domestic and wild. These were used primarily with Fly Fishing equipment and have stood the test of time, eventually evolving into the use of synthetic materials to conserve the harvest of wild animals for this use. However, the largest segment of trout lures are made from hard bodied materials called polycarbonates. This is a very durable space aged plastic that can be molded into any shape desired, in order to attract trout.

Some of the top producing trout fishing lures over the past several decades are the Pins Minnows made by Yo-Zuri America. These beautifully painted, slender minnow trout lures come in several styles and a plethora of colors and patterns. This variety of trout fishing lures is offered to imitate most any baitfish or juvenile trout that you will come across anywhere in the world.

These trout lures are offered in two basic styles, floating and sinking, and in several sizes from as small as 2 inches up to 3 ½ inches.

Some of these have the patented Yo-Zuri “magnetic weight transfer system” incorporated inside. This feature will increase your casting distance with these miniature lures, even in windy conditions.

Within this family of trout  lures there are over 20 unique colors to “match the hatch” which will fool even the wariest of trout. Since there are so many water types where trout live, including lakes, rivers, streams, reservoirs and even small farm ponds, you must have a variety of sizes and colors to choose from in order to be successful.

This past summer we had the chance to go out to the Rocky Mountains and field test these innovative trout lures and had excellent results with them on Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats, Brookies and even the Hybrid Splake Trout. The areas we choose to fish in were high mountain lakes as well as cold, fast flowing rivers of the beautiful western part of the United States.

We had a most enjoyable experience and even learned a few things along the way.

Here are few of the fishing techniques that produced for us: slow trolling, casting then retrieving fast with a steady pace, cast & retrieve with very strong jerks while retrieving, cast-jerk-pause-jerk and casting upstream then twitching them as we reeled back in with and across the current. Hopefully you, too, can experience the way these feisty trout slam these very productive trout fishing lures.

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