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Yo-Zuri has been making quality fishing lures, fishing lines, and leaders for over 50 years in Japan and shipping throughout the world. Due to the quality, our fishing tackle has stood the test of time and continues to be more sought out than many other fishing lures or inferior imitations. Yo-Zuri has developed technologically advanced products that constantly lead the industry . .

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Sashimi 3DB Series

new 2012 ICast Video

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What clients say

Yo-Zuri has always made the finest fishing lures known to fisherman worldwide. They are manufactured with the best materials known to man and always hold up to the biggest of fish and toughest of fishing conditions.
Captain Jimmy Nelson
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I.G.F.A. All Tackle World Record Yellowfin Tuna

Caught on Yo-Zuri Fluorocarbon Leader

I.G.F.A. All Tackle World Record Yellowfin Tuna

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2012 ICAST Video

new 2012 ICast Video

Here is an overview from the 2012 ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida. This video represents a look at the latest & greatest from Yo-Zuri fresh & saltwater products
for the coming year.

Yo-Zuri Products

All of Yo-Zuri products are made with the highest quality components the industry has to offer. We use the finest hooks, strongest wire and split rings, state of the art materials for our lure bodies and the purest Fluorocarbon material in our own factories. Our lures are designed to the strictest specifications utilizing digital CAD machine technology.

Known as the Rolls Royce of fishing lures; "Made For Fisherman, By Fisherman”!

Yo-Zuri America Patents

Yo-Zuri has been issued more International Patents in 2012 than most other lure companies have in their total life, this is due to their innovative designs and advanced product development. The 2012 Yo-Zuri lineup is the most comprehensive ever to come to market with a plethora of Patents that help you catch more fish. Beware of being duped by cheap imitators, do not be fooled by "knock offs", look for the original; Yo-Zuri's name is on every lure, so be sure.

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Yo-Zuri Lures

  • Yo-Zuri fishing lures are designed until perfected, to stand the test of time.
  • They are made with the finest materials the world has to offer.
  • Multiple International Patents have been approved and issued on our innovative designs.

Yo-Zuri Leader Material

  • Yo-Zuri Leader Material is manufactured with our proprietary formula designed for specific fishing conditions.
  • The Original H. D. Pink Fluorocarbon is the choice of professional Captains and weekend warriors alike and is known as the best made.
  • The next generation of Fluorocarbon Material; Powercarbon.

Yo-Zuri Lines

  • The Hybrid Fishing Line by Yo-Zuri has been "THE" go to line for anglers worldwide for generations.
  • Yo-Zuri was the first to combine Nylon with Fluorocarbon material in an everyday fishing line.
  • We offer a variety of put-ups and colors to fit all your fishing needs.


new 3DB Shad
new 3DB Prop
new 3DB Square Crank
  • 3DB Square Crank
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new Crystal 3D Minnow Jointed Floating
  • Crystal 3D Minnow Jointed Floating
  • View Details

new Crystal 3D Minnow Jointed Deep Diver
  • Crystal 3D Minnow Jointed Deep Diver
  • View Details

new Crystal Minnow Deep Diver
new Rattl"N Vibe
new Sashimi Bonita

New Arrivals

new 3DB Pencil
  • 3DB Pencil
  • View Details

new 3DB Minnow
  • 3DB Minnow
  • View Details

new 3DB Mid Crank
  • 3DB Mid Crank
  • View Details

new Sashimi Shallow Crank
new 3DS Minnow Suspending
new Pins Minnow Floating
new Sashimi 3D Squirt Floating


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For 2014

new 3DB Popper
  • 3DB Popper
  • View Details

new 3DB Jerkbait
  • 3DB Jerkbait
  • View Details

new 3DB Deep Crank
  • 3DB Deep Crank
  • View Details

new Sashimi Mid Crank
new Crystal 3D Minnow
new Pins Minnow Sinking
new Crystal 3D Shrimp Slow Sinking

Photo Gallery

Video Gallery

  • How to fish Yo-Zuri fishing lures
  • Yo-Zuri fishing lures in action
  • Caught on film
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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Yo-Zuri Photo and Video Contest

Yo-Zuri is proud to introduce our photo and video contest. Based on your requests, we have started a monthly contest showing our products in use, in your capable fishing hands. Each month you can submit, as many as you would like a photo and/or video, of your terrific catch. Show off your fishing prowess to other anglers worldwide. Click below to read the rules and entry information. Contest Rules and Entry Information

Video Gallery

Video Gallery

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    Day One - October 11, "Bowden and Sustaita Lead Lady Bass Classic after Day 1"
    Day Two - October 12, "Bowden Weighs in 18.58 Now Leads 2012 Lady Bass Classic by over Nine Pounds"
    Final Day - October 13, "Bowden Wins Going Away; Key-Johnston Goes From Last to First"
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